Strategic New Trauma Sound & Healing Therapy CD Available NOW!

My most unique and strategic Sound and Healing Therapy CD release yet! 
This CD focuses on releasing the Healer to manifest inner healing on behalf of traumatic experiences and associated memories stored in the memory of our cells. 

The first six pieces release frequency support to the brain, the sympathetic nervous system, neurotransmitters, and the parasympathetic nervous system. The latter six pieces release de-stressing frequencies to the exact same areas. If the listener is experiencing traumatic stress/memories, the latter six pieces release Holy Spirit peace, calming, and healing frequencies. Equally, if traumatic experiences/memories are causing the brain, the sympathetic nervous system, neurotransmitters, and the parasympathetic nervous system frequencies to be depleted, the listener is exhorted to listen to the first six pieces for frequency support. If the listener is simply seeking to encounter overall balance and wholeness from the Healer Himself, this entire CD was recorded specific to this purpose.

Irregardless of the specific trauma or the age(s) at which it impacted, and in order to move forward without it affecting life on varying levels, the trauma and associated memories can be healed and set free through personal and intimate encounters with the One who heals ALL dis-eases (whatever is coming against His promise of living abundant life (John 10:10)).

Available AUGUST 1 (click on the icon) at CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and wherever digital distribution is available.

Taking Keyboard Worship Skills To The Next Level

Do you lead worship or know of someone who has a calling on their life to do so on the keyboard/piano? Does your church worship team (keyboardists/pianists/vocalists) needs some encouragement and direction in playing skillfully unto the Lord/in Spirit-led flow? (Psalm 33:3)?

Do you have a child who could use nurturing and guidance in their giftings/calling/musical keyboard/piano skills?

I use a methodology that equips and empowers worship leaders, song writers, spontaneous Holy Spirit led instrumental flow, psalmists, etc. of all ages to go to the next level. I also specialize in the instruction of pianists/keyboardists prophesying on their instrument, as well as spontaneous instrumental Selahs during worship and intercession.

I am currently accepting students, both online and in studio! Message or email if you or anyone you know is interested or in need of increasing their keyboard/piano skill level!

Spirit Breathe

This video, Spirit Breathe, in 639 Hz, has been created from my spontaneous instrumental piece by the same title, available on my April 2016 Sound & Healing Therapy CD Release, Key Expressions, along with photos taken by my husband and myself all across Transylvania County, North Carolina. This video invites the listener/viewer to encounter Holy Spirit, both audibly and visually, as He inhales the atmosphere of the Kingdom of Heaven and exhales it on the Earth amidst our Father’s incredibly awesome and majestic Creation. Thank You, Yeshua, for making a way for all to be renewed and restored: body-mind-soul-and spirit!

My new album, Key Expressions, combines strategic tuning, Solfege frequencies/syllables, 12 different musical keys to impact every resonant frequency area of the body, the frequencies of colors and of the Word (Isaiah 11:2) with spontaneously Holy Spirit led psalming. It is available on this website, at, as well as wherever digital distribution is available.