Taking Keyboard Worship Skills To The Next Level

Do you lead worship or know of someone who has a calling on their life to do so on the keyboard/piano? Does your church worship team (keyboardists/pianists/vocalists) needs some encouragement and direction in playing skillfully unto the Lord/in Spirit-led flow? (Psalm 33:3)?

Do you have a child who could use nurturing and guidance in their giftings/calling/musical keyboard/piano skills?

I use a methodology that equips and empowers worship leaders, song writers, spontaneous Holy Spirit led instrumental flow, psalmists, etc. of all ages to go to the next level. I also specialize in the instruction of pianists/keyboardists prophesying on their instrument, as well as spontaneous instrumental Selahs during worship and intercession.

I am currently accepting students, both online and in studio! Message or email if you or anyone you know is interested or in need of increasing their keyboard/piano skill level!